BIBS. Brisbane Interactive Beers. Oct 3rd. Regatta. Invite ONLY.

So if you’re a social follower of mine or JDP’s you’ve probably heard about this bibs event that’s coming up? Chances are you probably went to the last one that we held on April 12 at Little Panda in the valley… those that attended that event, diary permitting, will definitely be attending this one on Thursday, October 3rd at the Regatta – BECAUSE the last BIBS rocked. SO many people took away, so much value of all different kinds!


Why is this event different? Well as far as I can think, there are not too many types of people in the Brisbane Digital Industry who have the job of talking with and connecting with, as many “good” companies and “good” people as humanly possible to create a profitable business. That’s what the team and I do here at JDP. So as a result of this, we’ve decided that 2 or 3 times a year we’ll gather all those people who like us, and put on a fun and vibrant, get together event, where everyone; freelancers, small businesses, larger agencies and even large eCommerce corporates of Brisbane, can all come and hang out and get to know one another (get a bit drunk & be a bit silly), and then go from there and collaborate as they wish! (<<SINGLE BEST PART).

My passion is connecting good people with good people (and making a little money). I’ve done it from grade 8, in the year 2001, when Mitchell wanted a job at McDonalds – I already worked there – so I hooked him up to work Front Counter and he loved it, I’m pretty sure he still works there – longevity is awesome 🙂

So.. if you’re diary is clear for Thursday Oct 3rd, you might like to come along and meet some good peeps… of course you can stand in the corner talk to those you already know whilst drinking and eating… OR you can come find me and I’ll introduce you to 3 or 4 people who will probably turn out to be your new best friends in Brisbane Digital. NO RSVP required, bring your twitter account because you will have to tweet with the hashtag [ #bibsbne ] to enter. See you there!



perché siamo differenti

…and recruiters wonder why the market is tough and most of them are even wondering when it’s going to return to normal?

This evening whilst I was carrying out my hourly review of the latest job ads on various advertising mediums, I noticed that one of my “competitors” had listed a new web development role online – (refresh) – oh wait that’s 2 of my competitors, hang on, that’s 3, maybe now 4.. FOUR companies posting the same job, in the same space, on the same site, and guess what.. the copy in those ads is almost the same, see here;

I am not bagging these companies, I am encouraging them to change their approach.

So in a market where things are tough, where you’ve actually got to work hard, think outside the square, actually give a damn and hey be different.. why are companies still doing the same things they were doing 2, 3+ years ago ? That’s right most recruitment companies are marketing like it’s 2004. I’m curious though, what are some of these company’s “value propositions“? What sets you apart is important. Now now, we haven’t been around long, (who knows how long we’ll be around for), but right now, we are whooping some of the bigger companies… in our comparable talent search space 🙂

So, like the heading says in Italian, Why are we different, a large part of why on a daily basis we get told that the Just Digital People & Just People brand is so fresh & naturally different is for this reason; we don’t just post content on linkedin, get our staff to like the posts and be done with it.. MAGICALLY HOPING SOMETHING POSITIVE WILL HAPPEN:- we create content that provokes engagement, we get in and engage with other humans, help them, we understand that micro content is leading the way, in marketing, we understand that it takes a long time to create a niche following, therefore all the JDP & JP crew are encouraged to spend copious amounts of time on twitter, we’re all ready to engage at almost anytime of the day and night, in fact try us right now, see if we respond to you, FREE lunch for you, if we don’t respond within a reasonable amount of time:

Ciaran O’Donnell – CEO

Jared Tredly – Digital Consultant

Jessy Sahota – Digital Consultant

Kate McMillan – Sales & Marketing Consultant

Anthony Bersz – Senior Infrastructure Consultant

Spencer Streuper – Head Of Social

Jason W. Roulston – theWEBrecruiter

Micro content & Mobile Phones – we’re alive & coming across people’s mobile phones with meaningful content every other hour of the day, we’re creating conversations with people in our market, we’re going to where the talent is, we’re making waves and people are noticing this, purely because we’re not afraid of putting ourselves out there to be of assistance to a market that is ever changing – that’s how you get ahead in this market. Who cares who sees your content? Who cares if another recruiter knows what you’re up to on linkedin (not that I connect with many recruiters, personal thing since starting), but be smart about it, go out and meet the right people and then continue the conversations online forever after. BEWARE, it takes time and effort.

*We don’t work with companies that hire 3 or more recruiters to search for new talent – So if you’re looking for job opportunities in Digital that no one else knows about, we might be worth a tweet – @justdigitalppl 

Phone when you want them

This is a very popular occurrence in business, well so I’ve noticed in my short time in it. I heard the other day that if you drop your clothes into the dry cleaners, during the week you don’t want a phone call asking how they’re feeling ? or do you? What this means is, do people want to hear from you if it’s not really, absolutely, super surely needed.. or do they? I’ve worked around many a “rich” sales human and they’re always making the extra phone calls, so take from that what you will.

Hey hey, people are busy, they don’t have time for that.. what’s funny is, certain company folk who happen to be hiring let’s just say “web developers” they might be really busy – so when you call them about helping them to find awesome people, as in, you’re calling them to make a sale – you get the; oh no, we’re all good thank you 🙂 …however all of a sudden, when they need you, you get the; Hi remember me – we spoke a while back (YES I know you:) it’s all hey, I’m “back on the market” and just like that, you find they’re all over you.. Humans, we’re funny people aren’t we?!

The thing is, this game is a funny game – it’s a long-term game – which is not for everyone, but the simple way it works is like this: You never know who will cross your path during the day – be kind to everyone, because you just never know, when you’re going to need them again. . .