Business Structure – Lot’s Or Not ?

Just last Friday evening Ciaran & I had a few drinks with our old account manager from seek .com, it was a great time up at their plush little offices right above ANZAC Square in the Brisbane CBD, they all played top hosts to Ciaran and myself, along with a few other recruiters, only an intimate gathering were invited.

During the night, and as we have encountered all year since the birth of JDP & JP, people of various relations to us often ask about the business, as they’re genuinely interested in how things are going, of course, though the number one piece of advice we’re receiving from people, qualified or unqualified to give it, is don’t grow too quick & don’t live a luxurious lifestyle too soon – very meaningful, good & right advice. The second most commonly questioned aspect to how we’re running the business is; what is your structure?

Now this is in an interesting question or topic, because I believe there’s probably one million successful “structures” one could incorporate into a business and there’s probably one million unsuccessful “structures” one could incorporate into the business.

What is our structure – well we really don’t have one / still working it out. The reason I’m not big on a structured environment is this; before I got into 360 recruitment consulting (Early 2011), right before Ciaran hired me at BK I really wanted to join Marks Sattin, why – because I liked the “structure” I was told that I’d be getting, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy, it would be comfortable and it would have provided a nice level of certainty for me. However I didn’t end up getting that job. I accepted and went to work with Ciaran, with no recruitment user manual, no “structure”, just practical get in and get it done type “structure” if you can call it that. Ciaran showed me the ropes of 360 recruitment for about 3 weeks at BK until Jessy was hired and then I was left alone, with Mr Fairbanks constantly asking me if I’d made a placement yet, I soon did and then so on.

The main reason for this short blog is to raise conversation around business structure – I mean, do we think it’s right to have lots, not a lot, none at all – you tell me? I’m open to finding out what the most popular way to “structure” a business is? #LoveLearning


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