What is #JDPtv and why are we doing it?

Video is taking the world by storm and has been for quite sometime, but social video is what the crew at JDP are bringing to the Digital Recruitment space in Australia. It will be unique, I mean what we’re doing will not be super different, but I guess as with everything, if you’re doing something and someone else isn’t – it sort of makes it unique to the ones who decide to actually execute on it.

#JDPtv will be a social video channel, utilising the famous YouTube platform to deliver interesting episodes of conversational content, to those that care to tune in. The JDP crew are looking for individuals in the #DigitalBNE community who’d like to come aboard and discuss business, the future, ideas, start-ups all while adding to their very own social media story telling journey.

#JDPtv will be of course our stage to discuss local market happenings, from both behind the scenes of Digital Recruitment, through to the happenings in the real world of Digital right here in Brisbane. It will at times be very; controversial – awkward – humorous – exciting – interesting & insightful. It will be the stage for various digital people including; freelancers, entrepreneurs & leaders of all shapes and sizes, giving them a chance to share their stories with those that care.

Here is episode 1 – Jared & I discuss Digital candidates applying for jobs, both interstate & overseas. We reveal an inside look from a recruiters perspective. Please be sure to give us your $0.02 on the topic. Jared & I will most likely be online right now, try us.. Jared’s twitter Jason’s twitter.


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