I freaking LOVE competition – who’s going to be the BEST ? #THANKYOU

Last night was good, around 220 new and enthusiastic digital peeps turned out and turned up, to celebrate and build new partnerships with one another! All winners!

A huge thank you to each and everyone of you for having a good time and making the night a huge success, pat yourself on the back right now. April 2014 will be the next event, the centre piece will be THE RED CARPET, stay tuned!!

A little now to the business end of why last night was. Just Digital People is the company that Ciaran and myself run with an awesome crew of 7, with our 8th crew member starting Tuesday 8th of October. So, Yes we’re a recruitment company, Yes we want to make money, Yes, we want to give our customers THE BEST SERVICE EXPERIENCE ever, of course.. HOWEVER a lot of the great #BiBsBNE attendees last night were interested in my vision, they wanted to know where we want to take the business? At JDP we don’t want to take over the world – we want to be the best, biggest, smallest digital recruitment company in the world. We want to keep flying ahead, creating great opportunities for good people, in the market places we choose to start-up in… AND we want other bigger clunkier, recruitment companies to keep following what we’re doing! We want to give you high touch, not high tech. What that means is, we’re using the THANK YOU ECONOMY to deliver our business experience AND not using fancy tech platforms to deliver our work touch & hustle. Our crew are sending more emails, more tweets, more DM’s, doing more face to face catch ups, more beers and or coffees, more one to one heart to heart skype chats, more texts, more phone calls – over all we’re spending more time with you, giving you much more personal one to one connection! NONE of this automated stuff.

I love competition. If another recruitment company can piece together an event like Brisbane Interactive Beers last night, then they take the mantle of been the “BEST” DIGITAL recruitment company in Brisbane. BiBs, I want to do this in; Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Toronto, New York… (if you’re a recruiter reading this, I might want to do this with you).

To me the criteria for the BEST DIGITAL RECRUITMENT COMPANY IN BRISBANE or anywhere on Gods green earth, is about how much value you add to the world you live in. For us, that’s Brisbane, and our value add, is to create a minimum of 50 good linkedIN connections today AND from that, at least 20 new business transactions from those connections, before the next Red Carpet experience in April 2014.

Looking forward to April 2014 #BiBsBNE

Looking forward to April 2014 #BiBsBNE

In conclusion – I hope all of you who attended last night, not only had a good time but, met someone you can keep chatting with past, last night – meaningful relationships is what it’s all about!

PS. All the best photos from the night are on Instagram under the hashtag #BiBsBNE 🙂


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