BIBS. Brisbane Interactive Beers. Oct 3rd. Regatta. Invite ONLY.

So if you’re a social follower of mine or JDP’s you’ve probably heard about this bibs event that’s coming up? Chances are you probably went to the last one that we held on April 12 at Little Panda in the valley… those that attended that event, diary permitting, will definitely be attending this one on Thursday, October 3rd at the Regatta – BECAUSE the last BIBS rocked. SO many people took away, so much value of all different kinds!


Why is this event different? Well as far as I can think, there are not too many types of people in the Brisbane Digital Industry who have the job of talking with and connecting with, as many “good” companies and “good” people as humanly possible to create a profitable business. That’s what the team and I do here at JDP. So as a result of this, we’ve decided that 2 or 3 times a year we’ll gather all those people who like us, and put on a fun and vibrant, get together event, where everyone; freelancers, small businesses, larger agencies and even large eCommerce corporates of Brisbane, can all come and hang out and get to know one another (get a bit drunk & be a bit silly), and then go from there and collaborate as they wish! (<<SINGLE BEST PART).

My passion is connecting good people with good people (and making a little money). I’ve done it from grade 8, in the year 2001, when Mitchell wanted a job at McDonalds – I already worked there – so I hooked him up to work Front Counter and he loved it, I’m pretty sure he still works there – longevity is awesome 🙂

So.. if you’re diary is clear for Thursday Oct 3rd, you might like to come along and meet some good peeps… of course you can stand in the corner talk to those you already know whilst drinking and eating… OR you can come find me and I’ll introduce you to 3 or 4 people who will probably turn out to be your new best friends in Brisbane Digital. NO RSVP required, bring your twitter account because you will have to tweet with the hashtag [ #bibsbne ] to enter. See you there!



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