Phone when you want them

This is a very popular occurrence in business, well so I’ve noticed in my short time in it. I heard the other day that if you drop your clothes into the dry cleaners, during the week you don’t want a phone call asking how they’re feeling ? or do you? What this means is, do people want to hear from you if it’s not really, absolutely, super surely needed.. or do they? I’ve worked around many a “rich” sales human and they’re always making the extra phone calls, so take from that what you will.

Hey hey, people are busy, they don’t have time for that.. what’s funny is, certain company folk who happen to be hiring let’s just say “web developers” they might be really busy – so when you call them about helping them to find awesome people, as in, you’re calling them to make a sale – you get the; oh no, we’re all good thank you 🙂 …however all of a sudden, when they need you, you get the; Hi remember me – we spoke a while back (YES I know you:) it’s all hey, I’m “back on the market” and just like that, you find they’re all over you.. Humans, we’re funny people aren’t we?!

The thing is, this game is a funny game – it’s a long-term game – which is not for everyone, but the simple way it works is like this: You never know who will cross your path during the day – be kind to everyone, because you just never know, when you’re going to need them again. . .


2 thoughts on “Phone when you want them

  1. It’s rapport building todo so saying “Remember me?”

    However it can work two ways. Similar experience to “Do you remember your first kiss?” because you recall that part of your brain was that a good and bad experience.

    What candidate trying todo in this situation hook up with their ex-gf again. Making them remember the good experence, Normally the other person on the phone is the ex-GF whom being told I’m ” back on the market ”

    They teach these soft skills in call centre and customer training. How to build rapport and establish long relationship

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