Does Business Run on Care and Effort?

…is this really the case or is it all about something else, perhaps money ? Or trust ? Or maybe even skill, talent and or your daily execution abilities to get stuff done? Probably a combination of all these things and there would be millions of other nuances to this, but the right EQ with insane amounts of Care & Effort is what I think runs smart business in 2013.

Lately I’ve been finding inspiration for writing my blogs through the face to face human interactions I have on a daily basis, which I love. Now what I don’t want to happen is people to stop meeting up with me, due to fear of being talked about in one of my blogs 🙂 but hey its kind of fun and exciting – I love causing a bit of a stir it’s where the fun is at, because life can get a bit boring when everything is smooth sailing.

Getting down to it, how many meetings will you have in a week or even a month, where the person or people you’re meeting with clearly have another agenda, that is kind of obvious to you and everyone but no one really talks about it – what’s talked about is the stuff outside and around what they’re really wanting, which is to use you, to get more money for them. What I mean is this, lots of people want to make “money” and that’s cool I want to make money, money is pretty important, it’s up there with oxygen – but when it’s made out to be the only purpose for whatever it is you want to do in life, it personally makes me sick, because that’s just empty – from my standpoint.

Try a different way. Hey how about checking your energy and being sincere and passionate about what it is you’re doing. To me, it’s so refreshing to sit down and share a meal or a fresh cup of coffee with someone who genuinely wants to get in and work their behind off, have fun, contribute to the right people, add real value in the right way (because it makes them feel good), oh and of course make a pile of cash at the end. My whole “thing” in life and I don’t know the ONE person who taught me this, but money comes last… L.A.S.T – If all you’re thinking about is getting filthy rich from a web project you’re wanting to launch or by any other means, most often you’ll wind up going round & round & round in circles, scurrying to find a “vehicle” to get you rich, because you haven’t just sat down, enjoyed life and focused on what you’re most passionate about, what gives you a warm fuzzy feeling (that’s what you have to go find and take time out to find it) – and almost anything that someone is passionate about more than anyone else in their field, will make them rich, not just in cash but in health, happiness and everything else 🙂

In 2013, age or experience does NOT matter! What you’ve done in the past doesn’t even matter, it’s horrible I know, no one really cares about how good you once were, because it doesn’t carry over – even I know that and I failed Math in grade 12. What does matter now and what counts today and forever, for me and for no other reason other than living a genuine life, is this; it matters how you make others feel when they’re around you! So many people aren’t really getting this, I’m just starting to really learn about it and apply it to my social media / business & personal life, so I am really looking forward to seeing the long-term results! Try it with me; text that person back once they’ve text you, email that guy back now not in 3 days, take that phone call from your old friend, switch your phone off in the presence of loved ones, tweet that person back as soon as you can! Give a damn & watch what happens..


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