Recruitment As a Commodity

What are we doing that’s truly different ? Why should anyone work with you or even Just Digital People, versus another web recruiter in Brisbane, versus using your own search and attraction methods?

Moving further into this, a few weeks ago I was having lunch with a well-known industry peer of mine, (let’s name them Jill), anyway Jill and I were discussing recruitment; where it’s been, where it’s at and where it’s going. Now we don’t quite have the same views and might I add that this particular friend of mine works as part of a large Queensland recruitment business, where for the most part they’re trying to (in my view) emulate a some of what JDP is doing in the digital recruitment market. All this aside, Jill and Co had recently been to a seminar, where they all learned (in short) about how they should be recruiting for their clients in 2013. I was really excited for them. The main takeaway from our lunch conversation around this was; instead of just finding talent for companies as they ask for it, they are going to start “selling” themselves into the process before this happens. Consultant with them on who they really need as opposed to recruiting them what they just ask for. Sound good? Well it probably does in theory, but from my limited industry experience, most people I meet everyday are thinking themselves silly trying to “change the world” OR “re invent the wheel,” in their particular line of work – now not that there’s anything wrong with that, I actually encourage constant reinvention 🙂

What is a “traditional recruitment company”, for me they are the companies that work 9 – 5pm, advertise on seek and maybe one other job board, look through a database of candidates from seek and merely present candidates via email to the client, by way of matching resumes reflecting the skills & experience on the position description handed to them by the client in the first place. This is a somewhat simple way to run things from a recruitment business standpoint, it’s been happening for years and generally attached to this method can be a chunky little fee. Don’t get me wrong, within all of this there is a tremendous amount of skill and hustle involved, but for the most part it’s simple, traditional and everyone knows this is how it’s done – the only part clients get frustrated with is when they have someone from their organisation try to emulate this and they don’t happen to come up with the results, that’s because it takes time to refine the skills set needed to get this “simple & easy” method right.

So getting back to commodity recruitment versus Jill’s supposed new ground breaking service offering, of consulting deep into the start of the companies hiring process; correct me if I am wrong, but when most of the Digital companies in Brisbane want someone, they want the best someone and they generally want them yesterday. Take a web developer for example, because from where I see it the Digital world moves ridiculously fast and most companies don’t even realise they need a particular skill set on deck until it’s a tad too late because of various reasons OR most recruiters and companies are hiring to replace staff that have moved on & so on for various reasons. So in my eyes Jills new “ground breaking service offering” won’t be so ground breaking and what’s more, a traditional recruitment company who tries to change their traditional recruiters who are merely sales people & talent scouts with no degree, i.e like me – well it’s going to be a fun challenge getting them to genuinely consultant on HR – I wish them all the best. #Sarcasm


Lastly and forever – Digital recruitment the way JDP does it, is a sport – we market ourselves aggressively, to attract the everyone through to the best, we keep in contact with the best and we only work with the best, most of the time apart from when our judgement is off & hey, we’re only human, just like you 🙂 So what are we doing differently, we’re marketing ourselves differently – to work with us is a different experience and certainly not for everyone, after all for the JDP crew it’s not about working with every single Digital company in Brisbane, it’s about working with every single Digital company in Brisbane who get it.


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