Do Web Developers Really DisLike Working in Agency’s…

I promise to be short and sharp in this blog. I want to create some conversation around Web Developers in Agency land.

*However before we start, the context is, I love the wonderful life in an agency – after all, I work in and co own a good young recruitment agency and before that I was known as an agent – so I live & breathe it, I’m addicted to it and always will be. It’s great fun, if run right.

However of late & more than ever, something like 88% of the jobs that are getting lapped up out in the Brisbane web development job market are; in house product development positions and mostly for SaaS based company’s – not in agencies – and everyone good & or not so good seem to be coming from an agency. There are web development agencies in Brisbane that have so much turnover it’s a freaking joke, (we don’t recruit for them), however there are agency’s that have lost maybe one staff member in 5 years, (we recruit for them).

However, what we want to know is, of those agencies that have a low low staff turnover, what are they doing? What are they standing firm on when bringing new clients & staff on? What clients do they have; Big OR Small? What experience are they hiring at? junior or senior?… What are their day to day expectations of their web developers & staff?

Context; Because, the way I see it, some businesses are rushing the sales process to get work on. ie; under quoting, then rushing the bullocks out of their staff to get work out, which seems to be burning out staff and stressing all involved. I’m sure there’s more to it, but I promised I would be to the point on this blog. My email is; – I would love your personal feedback here, no emails will be shared with anyone else, it’s purely for my own individual knowledge bank. Thanks boys and girls 🙂 


One thought on “Do Web Developers Really DisLike Working in Agency’s…

  1. Quick answer to the title: Yes

    Long Answer:

    But it’s more than that. For years now in NY, SF, London etc working for start-ups and building / designing the next big thing has been the thing to do. You have a chance to actually make something that changes peoples lives. Brisbane is just catching up. In my opinion the community here is about a year or so behind even Sydney and Melbourne in the startup industry, but the good thing is we are catching up, and maybe that’s why you are seeing it more these days.

    I’ve worked in agencies, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything, it was stressful, it was intense and I at times worked some extremely long hours, but it was also fun, had a great learning curve, and the team we had there was fantastic. But that gets tiring and it’s a burn and churn approach, one project live then onto the next. I think people are maturing and want to have more impact on the business they do work for and those businesses clients.

    I still do the odd client work, as I think it has it’s own excitement but more than ever these days I find myself working on / with startups and my own stuff.


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