Should you put your social profiles on private..

..or should you take them off private..? This blog is to create a bit of a discussion. I of course believe that you should have all of your social profiles off private, I am with Mark Zuckerberg when it comes to creating a more open and connected world with social.

This blog is about my opinion on the fact that putting yourself out there on social for all to see is the best personal brand “strategy” when it comes to getting a new job or when it comes to selling yourself. I say this because, socially as a society, isn’t it always about being ourselves? Shouldn’t we all be authentic? So why not allow people in and show the world who you are on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr & Facebook…? Are you scared of how people will perceive you? Wouldn’t you agree that having your real self out on social media, helps the spectators of your social profiles, build early rapport with you, ‘before’ they meet you.. hey see it like this – if someone doesn’t like what they see, were you ever going to impress them anyway? think abundance, there’s plenty of the right people out there for you, personally and professionally. I mean shouldn’t we only have people in our personal and business lives that want us there?


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