How to negotiate a good salary?

It’s a question I get asked often, “Jason, can you tell me what my salary should be?” My response is almost the same every time, how much do you think you’re worth?

I’ll cut straight to the point, the Brisbane web development salary guide is this; Juniors are 0 – 2 years commercial experience and can expect anything from $40 – 55K+. Mid Level Developers are 2 – 3 years of commercial experience who attract salaries of $60 – 75k+. Seniors are 4+ years of commercial experience and generally attract $80 – $95k+

Some companies pay better than others, of course, however more than anything today we are seeing web developers get what they negotiate, in other words they get what they accept. Sounds simple right.?! So if you don’t get the salary & benefits you think are fair, just walk away.

Guess what? The interesting part is this – companies don’t give 1 second of thought to whether you need to put your car on the road or whether you have a mortgage to pay – they care more about the skills you have and most importantly the attitude to work that you’ll bring into their teams.

Another interesting part to the salary negotiation piece is this, if you interview nervously, in other words if you are really nervous about your interview and you are worrying too much about what they’re thinking of you during the interview.. No matter how good you really are – 9 times out of 10, you wont get the job. #itcanbeaharshworld. So just relax – I always say; interview the interviewer – switch it up on them, without seeming like too much of a punk! Hey the position has to be right, it’s not all about them – you matter too!


One thought on “How to negotiate a good salary?

  1. Is experience really what drives the salary? Presumably at first it would in getting the job, but what if they’re twice as good as a senior developer? Do you think it would it be unacceptable for a first year employee to ask/demand more than or as much as a more senior person (who doesn’t know as much but has been there longer)?

    Good job on the social integration master Roulston!

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