Sixteen Percent

Since entering the recruitment business nearly 2 years ago, the question; “what are your fees” or “what will you charge me for a GOOD web developer” pops up on the daily. Now without any real regulation in our industry, it’s a question I always approach with extreme caution more to avoid getting hung up on or shut down – so this blog is aimed at opening things up more for those who aren’t quite sure.

Now I won’t get into “why we charge, what we charge”, that’s an entirely different blog all together, however over the past 4 – 5 months I have asked various clients of JDP’s to report to me on who and what they were propositioned with by other recruiters in the Brisbane Digital Market. While we heard of some recruitment companies charging upwards of 20%, we have successfully determined through a very intelligent use of math, the average fee to be 16% – yes that’s right, Sixteen Percent of a the successful candidates total salary package, hence the title of this blog.

Is this ludicrous? That depends on who you are. Is this fair? Again, that depends on who you are. Now that this is out there for all in the Digital space of Brisbane to see, you now have a bench mark to negotiate from… or do you?!

A Sixteen Percent fee for obtaining and holding onto the right candidate for at least a couple of years, is super fair, of course I’d say that, but hey we encourage you to put ads up online and see how you go finding someone awesome that fits in well with your team 🙂

Hows the market mid July 2013? Loads of good jobs – Not enough good people for those jobs.


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