Right now, (June 2013), is very very early days, for all things! Forget what everyone else is telling you about this months needs or this quarters needs or what has to happen by the end of the year.

I personally find true happiness & real solace in knowing that I’ll be doing what I am doing now for the next 20+ years. (quote this).

This is what makes it easier for me to take rejection NOW, this is what makes it easier to let something go and it’s also what helps me realise that everything I want to achieve now in both this Just Digital People and my yet to be released business, won’t all happen today and will never all happen tomorrow! That old cliché (Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day) is so damn true. Giving yourself time to build things, just makes sense & it just works. Stick at it, like a fat kid (me) on cake.

Give yourself a “reasonable” amount of time to achieve your goals and you’ll find that if you chip away with great effort, things will start rolling along rather nicely for you, I’m living proof. It’s like work hard play hard!

Knowing that there’s time, knowing that things don’t all have to POP yesterday, takes pressure off you, your team, your clients and all your other awesome business partners. Plus, if you think you have “good” relationships with you business partners now, that’s just the beginning of the fun times ahead, PLUS you’re yet to meet other awesome business partners, that are so close to you right now you don’t even realise. It’s like field of diamonds 🙂

..BUT, you must start NOW.


...Go on say something;

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