A little about A little Marketing

Something that is quite obvious to most good recruiters and something they probably don’t want you to read is how important it is to write and present your job ads online.

Most companies write crappy job ads to attract talent, they don’t understand the science of what interests and sells your perfectly awesome job to possible applicants.

Its ok though, as with most things in life it takes a while for anyone to get really good at something. How long? Well that’s all up to the individuals motivation and willpower.

I’m writing this blog to everyone who writes job ads or may have to write a job ad, to do some research. Take a look at what inspires your job seekers, what are they doing and where would they like to be in the future. What’s happening on Seek.com? Talk to people and find out what grabs their attention and then write about it. Sell them their dream job.

There is no real formula for what works and what doesn’t. I myself am still figuring all of this out. However, Jared Tredley, Jessy Sahota, Kate McMillian and Myself are all pushing the boundaries when it comes to finding out what makes people POP and reach out to that particular job ad.

Yes we as recruiters all write ads to attract talent, however the good recruiters don’t just write ads and sit back waiting for the phone to ring. The proactive recruiters are taking the ad experience and extending it onto different social platforms like; Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and YouTube. This is branding and bringing to life not only the recruiter but also the job ad and the company it represents.

Video is extremely important! Today so much content is being thrown at us. Video can differentiate that content and bring it to life. Not only does it give your consumers an “in the flesh experience,” but it also gives you “the content creator,” the chance to make some really unique content of your own.

So I guess what I’m really trying to say is that us kids at Just Digital People are bringing individual branding to the table (marketing, as you might like to say). Using as many social platforms that are available to connect with both our customers and clients in our respective target markets.

So how do you write better online job ads? Well I guess it all comes down to a long-term vision. Sounds corny I know, but right now any of the JDP crew could be marketing and attracting talent for both a good candidate that may or may not need a job right now but may need one later on. And a company they may or may not have a job vacancy now but may have one 6-8 months down the track.

What we have found over the past 6 months is that Seek.com are really smart people. They know that 30 days in not quite long enough to get that perfect candidate. They also know that if you only buy one ad, by the end of the day it could be more than 6, 7 or even 8 ads down the first page. So recruitment companies including ours pay big dollars to buy bulk ads. This gives us a chance to cast our nets not only across Seek.com and other job board “talent” gold fields. This is why we are using other platforms to draw attention to ourselves 24/7 as the go to people for new digital job opportunities. Creating micro conversations about our job ads on different social platforms gives so many more people the chance to view our content, whether it be on their mobiles, whilst they’re at their desk, waiting for the bus or even sitting on the toilet.

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One thought on “A little about A little Marketing

  1. Completely agree… job ads are most recruiter’s first line in marketing/branding. We are also seeing (encouraging) the shift away from pushing jobs through SEEK & trying to create conversation around the brand not job boards.

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