Startups and failure

This is a blog from a friend in Norway…

Technology and the Internet have totally changed the business landscape. Consumer response has become instantaneous and transactions have become so much easier even if it is between people who are on opposite sides of the world. Furthermore, technology has not only changed how business is done, it has also provided more opportunity for those who are just starting out. You don’t need a lot of money to compete with established companies anymore. You could easily get the word out about your products through various social media sites. Even if the response is not overwhelming, you would always find a market in the vast, 24/7 world of the Internet. Nonetheless, as it is so much cheaper and easier to start out a new business venture, you would also find yourself with more competition. Not all business ideas pan out and that is a fact. But if you are passionate enough about your business, you would not let competition or failed business strategies stop you. Just look at the following infographic to see how the most successful people had to fail in order to get on top.

Author bio:

This infographic was created by Kate Deliso, an aspiring MBA student who believes this degree will help her to succeed. She can’t afford paying an expensive tuition. Therefore she started a blog with reviews of cheap and best MBA programs. Anne’s dream is working for an innovative start-up.


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