Taking pot shots is cheap, learning and applying is quality!

For those asking about recent tweets & posts and to let you know what is going on behind the scenes of Web Recruitment, here it is;

No matter what anyone else says last week was a sad week, as the company I started my career with closed down, that was Boston Kennedy. For me it was like that big brother or senior figure in your life that you look up to, moving on through the physical plane, never to be seen again. Now, one wonders if anything in this business world is real, if anything has any klout over you? However not one to wallow in the past for any long amounts of time, I think it’s better to learn from what happened and move forward never to repeat this in your life, if you can help it.

The best piece of knowledge we took away from this was and is; everyone stalks you online, your online presence is like prospective customer peeking inside your window while you’re home, they can see how you talk, what you like, and a bit about who you are. It’s obvious, people want to know who you are, with things tight for most, people want to know if you’re going to screw them over, people care about how you interact with them at EVERY touch point, so care back, you’re measured by your (texts, tweets, emails, phone calls, facebook comments, linkedin comments / likes etc), people are now more precious than ever before and watching all your moves.

The market will always be this GOOD / BAD (it’s all your perspective), how come ? because there’s so many people on the globe in all the major industries all competing for that same customer as you! Get used to it. Those that don’t give a REAL stuff about the people they think they’d like to make money with ..plus aren’t fully using all of the FREE to use tools of today right at their finger tips, should just go home and pray that God puts food on their table, because they will no longer be able to do well in the Business Creation world from 2013. You know that.

“Giving a damn about others is coming on strong in 2013” if you don’t .. forget about working with them, that person or what it is your been ignorant about, there’s too many others to snap them up out there, BUT there will always be plenty out there for those that know what they want, care less about the haters, keep track, work hard & care!

PS. If you say you’re going to do something, SLOW down and do it. Care, because THEworld is changing and we LOVE it 🙂 look forward it’s so prosperous out there, if you treat it right 🙂 ask me how, right now.

PPS. You’re not safe, if you’re doing the same thing THEsame way you were doing it 4 or 5+ years ago.. Just Watch This Space!


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