JDP are off to Silicon Valley in June

So my web & digital recruitment company is doing well. Actually that’s a shitty understatement, we’re smashing it out of the park – our business model seems to be working, people are enjoying our real approach, the feedback is great and the results kick ass AND it’s all thanks to you! Yes, you know who you are!

So this June it’s my birthday and I’ve decided along with my team mate Jared Tredly and business partner Ciaran O’Donnell, to take a trip to Silicon Valley to see what all the fuss is about and get theWEBrecruiter in the heart of where most the worlds exciting web development really happens.

What are some things I should really be looking out for in San Francisco, that’s Tech related? I have never been there before, in fact no one from the crew has ever been to San Fran and we’d love to hear of your tips on places to see and experiences to be soaked in.

We’ll be there from the 18th to 26th of June ~ LOVE to see you there, buy you a beer or four, if you’re out and about and wanting to chat tech, San Fran lifestyle and entrepreneurialism in general 😛

Please share with any Brisbane expats you may know of; as our whole trip will be videoed – instatweeted – facelogged & linkedin’ed until you feel like we’re either annoying you or you feel apart of the journey 🙂 either way it will be a time in our life that we’ll thoroughly enjoy.. The first of many trips away to see the world JDP Style !

Check out; www.justdigitalpeople.com.au for more


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