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August 23, last year I started web logging it’s been fun, lots of people from my old office used to want to help me with spelling mistakes and my continual poor grammar, which I think has gradually become better, though I’ll let you be the judge.

Anyway the point of this short “blog” is to perhaps urge you to wonder off and start writing about ‘things’ that interest you. For me the whole point of writing a blog was to help draw attention to myself and my thoughts on web recruitment I am extremely passionate about this, actually I believe I am the best in Brisbane, shhh don’t tell anyone πŸ˜› Anyway back to you, it’s fun, it’s easy, you might be thinking; I’m not sure what to write about? Well write about your day or a project you’re looking to start, write about anything in the beginning, but know this; your blog will probably end up on the screen of a high flying industry contact, that could help take your business to the next level “you’ll never know, unless you start”:) – though try to keep a goal in mind for what you want to create LONG TERM, remember not to get too down if nothing happens straight away, be clever with how often and ‘exactly’ how you share your blog on social.

I pick Sunday nights as the best time to write, not only does this discipline me but its good for consistency – Sunday night is the most relaxing night of the week for me and random thoughts about recent happenings in our business at JDP (Just Digital People) spring to mind and I write about them! I also try to add as much value as I can, the value in this blog is to show you how simple it is to get started, WordPress is very easy to use, it took me a weekend to figure out. Web logging / Blogging is fantastic for branding.. if you write about your true thoughts on topics and don’t get too bogged down by what people will think about what you have to say. Branding and blogging go hand in hand, as branding these days needs to be as authentic as the human beings behind the brand and writing the blog, as possible – don’t be someone you’re not on here, though also don’t cut out real content because of what you think someone else will think. How crazy is that. Go in and get web logging πŸ™‚ … Not good with grammar? Either am I but hundreds of peeps still read my blogs each day πŸ˜›


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