We’re All Sales People..

Many of you will probably take one look at this blog title and think, pfff whatever. But if you’re human, many of you have probably missed out on certain things, because of something you said, or the way you positioned something to someone who had something you wanted to be apart of, etc.

Selling.. isn’t a crime, saying you’re a “sales person” isn’t the same as saying you’re a criminal, and the word hustle isn’t code for illegal activity, it’s simply working at making things happen.

Whether you like it or not, you sell stuff; whether that’s going for a job OR finding new business on the daily – the list is endless. Point is we’re almost always selling, at home and on the way to work – just everyone has different styles.

HOWEVER what I’ve noticed is, those that try to hide that they’re a sales person, are straight away doing damage to their personal brand & business, because “authenticity” and “responsiveness” are two of the most important pieces for a successful, brand and or business. Don’t be a fake, even though “faking it until you make it” is a super popular term, though I think that’s got more to do with your attitude than your professional application. When someone contacts you via any of the 55 billion different ways we can be contactable during the day.. respond in a very timely manner – if you haven’t, when you do, be brief as to why and move forward.

My best advice for people looking for new web development work or looking to “pitch” (and by the way, a pitch is when you sit across from them and present), My best advice if you are a “hustler” like me, is follow-up without being a PEST, get the hint, but don’t tell yourself a bullshit story that stops you from getting what you ultimately desire. Know that you can get whatever you like in this world from more than one person AND there’s always more than ONE way to get something done. Lastly, always remember to ask.. intelligently, as bluntly doesn’t always work with precious people.

Back to the drawing board, because all of what you’ve read here, you’ve tried and successfully executed, but still had no luck? I have THREE words for you, what is your self-made POD, (point of difference) ? Find it, create it, and market it.. intelligently.

Happy hustling đŸ™‚

This blog is dedicated to the web BDM’s around Brisbane, to all the freelancers and individuals that look for work each day.


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