Not Just THE Pied Piper..

It’s one thing I’m still learning and that’s how to be direct, how to “tell it like it is”, though these folk are a lot more experienced than me, and still haven’t worked it out just yet. Earlier this year I was approached by a large organisation, an organisation that I’ve always thought really really highly of, though never worked with because they do all their recruitment “in-house”. However I received a linkedIN acceptance, (after 18 months) an email AND a phone call, inviting me out to their offices. I was SO freaking excited, I told my mum and even a few of my mates. It was kind of a big deal for me.

The day arrives, we get out to the office and have such a nice long chat about their online products, we chat about what they have going on and where the business plans to head in the near and far future. However we noticed, that about 2/3 into the meeting we seem to be spending a lot of time talking about one particular product and a launch function that was to be held, but has now passed. Here’s what happened; What turned from an inquiry of; “Hey Jason we need people” – was really a, “Hey Jason we kind of need people, (not really) but we REALLY want to use your, highly engaged social networks to promote our event, and.. we want you to do a lot of the hustling for this” 🙂

Hey you all know I love providing MAXIMUM value where I can, I love giving to the Digital industry in Brisbane, hence why I recently relaunched the good old networking event “#BiBsBNE” bringing out a few of my very best industry friends, to mix and mingle, all of course helped by Mammoth Media. So, I’m not saying I’m changing my tune, because I’ll always be on this, “giving way more than I charge”.

What I find a little funny, but actually super awesome, is watching certain digital business owners and key players from around Digital Brisbane now realise what we can do from a marketing perspective – and all now want a piece of the pie. Firstly you have to understand, that bringing a good crowd of people, to a good networking event / product launch party, takes time and effort, it takes you actually giving a stuff about people. No one person in Brisbane, yet, can send out one tweet and have all digital peeps rushing like the rats to the pied piper.

The Pied Piper

Clearly we at “Just Digital People” aren’t just going to hire you an awesome web developer, ask for our money and nick off. We’re different, we’re here for the marathon and we’re expanding our klout, looking to help where we can in the Brisbane Digital community, by helping you to get, what you may need for the future. So, we promise not to bullsh*t you, if you promise not to bullsh*t us. If you need help bringing a “good digital people” focused crowd together, I’ll help you promote, until I’m sleep deprived, and you know it. #proofsbeeninthepudding & TBC..


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