Brisbane Interactive Beers, A HUGE Success

Finally on Friday evening it all happened, thank you to all 140+ of you who showed up and supported the BiBs Brisbane event and packed out the Little Panda venue. You all no doubt became a little richer for the experience, meeting people that you can now go on and collaborate with on NEW Digital projects. I witnessed several individuals pitch their business operations to one another, thus winning new business and NEW Digital partnerships were born! This makes me so happy!!!!

Going forward Just Digital People would also like offer ourselves as a single point of contact for web developers who “are” producing start-up businesses, and are looking for assistance in project launch AND execution, although mostly “execution” really comes down to the choices you make along the way, coupled with the advice we offer you.

How can we point you in the right direction for FREE and give you FREE market insight on who’s who in the Brisbane Digital Zoo? Firstly our recent track record on advising and referring people with fresh ideas onto the “GOOD” accountants, lawyers & developments houses for project refinement, has been 100% to date. THE END.



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