Angel Investors in Brisbane..

You all know I think Brisbane is the bomb diggity 🙂 I mean I’ve grown up here, I’ve lived most of my life here and I’ve now started a Digital Recruitment company here, (we’re still waiting on the website, but it’ll be GOOD) – If you know me, you know that I’m very passionate about my day job, what’s that? Well along with the crew at JDP, I bring tech companies GOOD web developers. However I figure that if our brand is to really thrive, if we’re to be looked up to as “game changers” / “thought leaders” and JUST different from the others – we need to offer something that really provides more value to Brisbane’s Digital entities than just hiring you awesome people.

..Since we’re reasonably well-connected within the web development space here, mostly by authentically taking to social media platforms to tell you all about what we’re up to and along the way stopping to engage with those who care. This work has built us a rather specific tribe of people.. otherwise now known as some Just Digital People / theWEBrecruiter “brand equity”. Really, if we keep playing nicely with our following, we’ll undoubtedly create a clever following of folk, who really want to contribute to a better digital industry here in Brisbane.

Now the journey has only Just began, however the vision of how we want to help the Brisbane Digital community is well and truly established… over the coming months and from now on as we build the cash flow in our business, Just Digital People will start to form NEW arms of our business, which will all revolve around empowering NEW and exciting ventures. We’ll be providing support and guidance for either established tech houses or newly formed organisations and individuals who are looking to create something different, that’s of value. Now this is where it will get exciting. Just Digital People the Angel Investors, I think it has a GOOD ring to it 🙂

Ciaran always says, Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day.. agree..? So STARTING; this Friday I’m holding a little event, born from the idea that some of the connections I’ve made over the past 2 years could ALL really benefit from having a conversation over a beer or four or drink of your choice.. 🙂 The types of people coming to this event will be; digital business owners, digital entrepreneurs, web developers, online marketers, digital strategists, SEO gurus, content writers, (if you need them to build a website / online business) they’ll be there! Are you with us? Mixing and mingling – it’s up to you who you say hello too and you never know, it might be your next hire, it might be that angel investor you’ve been looking for, it might even be that particular person with the skill set to help you launch that online business idea you’ve had floating around forever!Bibs Brisbane

Brisbane Interactive Beers, is this Friday evening, April 12th email me for more info; / 0402 456 166


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