Web Developers looking for a Job

Pssst here I’ll let you in on a little secret, if you’re looking for a job, spend one hour of your day searching job ads online and spend the other 7 hours of your day BUILDING something that will be impressive to that person hiring you.

Now you’re probably thinking what, what on earth should I build that will be of value? Now I could go ahead and show you exactly what to build, how to build it etc etc.. but I’m not a web developer or a web designer – it’s 100% up to you to create something that will be impressive. You could read the latest blogs from techcrunch, smashing magazine + get on twitter where there are hundreds and thousands of web developers all discussing the latest trends in web development.. from there it will take some nous from you to discover something “cool” that you should build.

You heard it here first – Junior Web Developers looking at getting a commercial “job” – if you build something sexy that’s functional and impressive you will have a 97% head start on all the other web developers out there who are also looking for a job.

PS. On April 12, the who’s who of Digital in Brisbane are all getting together to talk tech and drink beer / spirits… learn more here.


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