FREE Junior Web Developers

All this social media clowning around, has called for me to put my money where my mouth is and provide a service that’s, lets just say wide open for “scamming” and that’s providing FREE junior web developers / designers to agencies in Brisbane that need good junior coders with ZERO commercial experience to join their family / team.

I often see web companies around town advertising & advertising & advertising & advertising & ok that’s enough.. for junior web developers & designers – now we all know what you get with that, and that’s 100 million billion resumes and applicants from all different backgrounds with all varying levels of skill, that you might be looking for – I am not for one second saying that a company shouldn’t do this – but I understand and I make it clear to every junior that if a company is going to approach me to hire someone for them – they expect the very best and nothing less.

It’s simple with this initiative; on a weekly basis I constantly speak to junior web developers that either see my social media or are referred to me via my “strong network” of people in this web development / design space – and from there I point them in the right direction in one way or another.

This new initiative of Just Digital People is to provide the very best Junior Web Developer or Designer possible to your company with a very small fee after 6 months. Now if this candidate that I refer you isn’t with you after 6 months, NO FEE, if this junior isn’t performing to standard, NO FEE, if this junior is smashing it out of the park after 6 months and moving ahead way further than we could have ever imagined – then we’ll agree to a fair (small) fee that will be very affordable – nothing to break the bank. (I know how much some of you are making and it’s nothing).

More of a verbal run down on what we’re doing with this at Just Digital People is HERE

*This past week I had 7 companies enquire about this – if you want to sit on your ass and not call about this initiative – I’ll never offer it to you. My mobile number is; 0402 456 166 – but I am best on twitter; @theWEBrecruiter

*PS. I’m not concerned about the companies who are out to scam me with this – if you know me, the ones that have tried to scam me in the last 18 months are either not in the web & tech business in Brisbane anymore OR are only able to do it very small time. 🙂 It’s called Karma.


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