“Older People” and the web market..

More recently I’ve had quite a number of “older” and “career changing” peeps wanting to get into “the digital” work space..

A couple of things from my point of view;

CONTEXT = Those that know me, know I want to help as many people as I can.

Now all of us have great ideas until “reality” punches us in the nose, reality punches can come to us in many forms, ie. your family members or other human beings in general telling us to be “realistic” and YUCK I hate that word – and for you older people lets say you’re 50+ and wanting to change your code skill background, because you can’t find work in what you’ve been coding in the last 20 years, or you’re someone wanting to enter the web development / online marketing industry (or any industry for this matter) – unless you’re really cool like, (stick with me) – enjoy a hip personality, walk and talk like a kid circa 30 years of age, you can work 40+ core business hours per week and have some real personal projects you’ve built or marketed around the world – you’d better go and create your own business or consult to businesses using your services – BECAUSE, the companies that I know of, want people “in general” that can & will fit in culturally with the other individuals in their team / family. –No that’s not a shoe box / sand box whatever you want to label it – that is their business they’ve created, this is their system in place that’s working well for them – and they are out to find other bright individuals to add to their company. I’m sorry… Reality just punch again :/

HOW TO GET IT = I was always taught that the best way to engage an audience, the best way to SELL something of value, (assuming you’re a valuable asset),  was to mirror your target audience. NOW no one really likes fake – though are you out of a job? Do you seriously want to get involved with a cool hip company that is working on cutting edge technologies? Then hustle this! — By the way to me, the word Hustle is a cool word from America that means “make things happen”. If you’re using the context of this word illegitimately, that’s you’re own business – but for me it’s all about genuine hustle – genuinely putting in the “hard yards” building a network of contacts that are real and reliable around Brisbane town, where we can share tangible value, to make money & put food on the table. A video on this coming soon.


...Go on say something;

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