Doing @#%$F For FREE…

When people talk about providing “value”.. You have to provide value, they say.. quite often these people are just paying lip service to a (thing) they have no real idea about. It’s just (something) they see some people / organisations around the world getting paid A LOT of money for.

So in this blog I will break it down from my POV..

For me providing value in my business means to give something that’s traditionally worth “money” away for FREE – now this may or may not be in your best interest now or later, more often than not it “shouldn’t” be strategic. Just give it. Providing value can be some inside advice on a candidate that’s not mine, at the time. It can be giving a candidate some inside truths on an organisation that’s not in my best interest, but will GENUINELY help that person. In other words providing value means to give something away for FREE and not asking for anything in return. JUST give it away. Now I don’t know if anyone here believes in “karma” but I do and I feel it’s a very real concept. I’ve found that if you shark someone and by being dodgy, that’s a terrible consequence that will come right back around and bite you on the a$$ when you least expect it. So many recruiters / sales and or business people are thinking about next week when they should really be thinking about next year… Yes I know not everyone knows what they want to do next year or even now for that matter, but if you do, you’re in a very good spot. Be thankful. By the way knowing what you want is the fricking secret, I swear by it.

At the end of the day, providing value comes from you as a “professional” soaking up as much about your chosen industry as you can, and giving away your knowledge in small spurts. I am always getting into trouble for being to generous, but to date I feel that I am one of the most successful individuals in my profession from where I come from, so giving @#%$F away for FREE – has to be a good thing, if you be smart about it, no matter what profession you’re in. Just Try It … tweet or email me about your successes on this.. @theWEBrecruiter –

*THE Best advice I’ve received in the past few weeks is; never really worry about the money – do what you do THE best you can, and if you want, you’ll be around successfully in your chosen business 20 years from now. That makes me happy, because that’s exactly my goal.


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