Employers the first one you meet is probably it…

I think this is a blog post that most sales people & consultants from all around the world will agree with.

Last week I had a partner ask me for a talent set that I can but, don’t normally recruit for, however since they’re awesome people and I hate saying NO – I decided to help them out, and so got to work spreading the word through my tech networks around Brisbane.

24+ hours pass and the first CV in my inbox is someone who looks perfect for the role, “on paper”! Turns out that I know this candidate – I used to go to school with them. Remember this is only 24+ hours since I’ve been ask to find someone for my friends / clients business. So I organise the interview, they catch up & everyone gets along really well – both parties believe they’d be perfect for one another – thing is, my clients feel like they want to see more candidates – WTF!!

Well I can understand, if I produced this so quick there must be loads more our there, right? – Maybe, but that’s the risk you take. The general rule of thumb is that the first, BEST candidate you meet, that you really like – more often than not ends up being it. ( I don’t know why this is – ask others about this – it’s not some sales BS that I am making up – it’s for real).

I mean you can play the lets wait and see card, but chances are that candidate you saw first, that really impressed you – might be off the market 1 – 2 weeks from now..

PS. If you haven’t received your invitation yet to Brisbane Interactive Beers, tweet me 🙂


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