…if you’re sick

So earlier this year I met a really good .Net Developer – this girl (yes girl) was probably one of the most talented I’d met in a while, not just in terms of how she was technically but more so because she had an infectious personality that almost anyone could get along with, and that’s rare in my line of business.

Anyway I managed to get her an interview with a company mid January. She rolled up to the interview on time, presented herself well, conversed well with the interviewer so on and so forth..

Then I got the feedback.. (as recruiters, you know it’s going to be a NO, when the client calls you up, their voice is all; Hi how are you.. yeah good, I’m good, an blah blah, then.. pause and they lower their tone – ah I hate that, but those are the razor blade moments in this business).. And on this occasion, the feedback was that Liz was too good for the role, she’d get bored, she had too much charisma.. Yes it’s a common thing, YOU can be too good for a job. Wow huh.

The next week I had a company call THEmobile letting me know about a need to find more web developers in the .Net sphere for their eCommerce division – of course, one of the first people on my candidate / partner map was Liz. I called her right away and explained the in’s and out’s of this company and their requirements, she was delighted, everything seemed good.

The Sunday night before her interview day we had a brief Skype chat about how she was and if she was all ready for the meeting on Monday afternoon at 4:00PM – she mentioned ‘very matter of fact like’, that she was feeling a little under the weather, however she’d be good to go for 4PM and in fact she was REALLY looking forward to the meeting – I didn’t even think twice to enquire about how she was REALLY feeling, because as a recruiter, your just like who cares, just go along to the meeting, we both know you can get this job etc etc.. Right?

Long-er story short, Liz had a headache and wasn’t feeling too well at all – she went along to that interview and flunked it, they gave her a short quiz at the end of the meeting and she just couldn’t get it – she went home and in 60 seconds she’d figured it all out..

Moral of the story if you’re GENUINELY sick, reschedule your interview. Please remember this blog & learn from my situation. At least tell your recruiter OR interviewer that you’re really sorry and get a rescheduled date booked in – enough time away but not too far away that you’re feeling better and that the position isn’t closed off.

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