What Are We … Just People

My Good Friends,

As I go about my day speaking & meeting with different people from all backgrounds and various past life experiences – I often ask myself, how is it that I get to do what I do; Having so much fun, (but) working long & hard through-out the day & night, enjoying a lot of the good things life has to offer? Well firstly it’s not as you’re probably imagining. I must say, 97% of the people who I speak with everyday who are in good jobs, living good lives, making fair money, ALL seem to have one major thing in common – A Good Attitude. 

Problem solving is a BIG part of your job – no matter what you do – especially if you work in digital or are a web developer – it’s important to understand that if you live your life with a smile on your dial, type attitude & are constantly focusing on controlling what you think about, out and about, at home and at work – you too will get it and enjoy yourself more – easier said than done – but it’s true & I believe nothing GOOD comes without constant practice! Start about now… 🙂

GOOD ATTITUDE = tweeting more positive tweets, holding brighter conversations most of the time, associating with people that are positive to be around, people who encourage the best from you. Think about the (5) people you spend most of your time around now??


...Go on say something;

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