The Secret of what makes a GOOD junior / the meaning of LIFE…

You’re probably thinking there are loads of different things that make a good junior in anything – it’s true, but since this is my blog I’ll let you know my thoughts. I’m passionate about the junior end of the commercial market place, because I feel I’m still a junior, 23 years younger & less than 2 years into this business – so it’s an area close to my heart.

For the past 4 years everywhere I’ve been I’ve carried the attitude of teach me. If you have that attitude you can’t go wrong – in your life time, you’ll never know it all – keeping that attitude, of show me, school me, learn me? Why this way? Why do you code like that? Why do we present this to the business this way? How do the pays work? Why did he do that and screw up? Why did we lose that customer? How did you win that piece of work?

Ask learned questions always – both of yourself and to those that are (doing) things which you feel are ahead of you.. The more books you read – the more ‘educational’ YouTube videos you watch, the more you’ll grow. For me, that’s the meaning of life – GROWTH.


2 thoughts on “The Secret of what makes a GOOD junior / the meaning of LIFE…

  1. Absolutely – though asking questions and constantly seeking to learn should be a lifelong thing. There will always be someone that knows more than you, and someone that has different ways of doing things. I think one of the benefits of having a junior come into your team is that they bring a fresh set of eyes and a different view of how things should be done. Sometimes being so close to the business for a long time is like wandering around with blinkers on – you just keep doing things the way you have been, and don’t look at things from another perspective. A junior sees things a different way. They’re not walking around with blinkers on. They’re fresh and don’t necessarily know “how things are done” in the industry/business… that can be a great thing!

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