How Did You Know…

It’s probably one of the most common phrases I hear everyday.. I believe that if a recruiter isn’t hearing this lots, they aren’t doing their job properly. Sorry to turn your nose up – but it’s a recruiters job to be ‘intelligently nosey’.. What do I mean? Well the more information a recruiter can find out about you and your situation, the more it helps them help you.. See our business revolves around ‘intelligent’ market knowledge, (not time-wasting gossip) knowing who’s who – who’s good at what they do and who isn’t so much. That’s it.

PLUS, when we get to find out about why you’re in your current situation, the GOOD consultants can help coach you into a positive way forward, using their knowledge from ALL the other scenarios they’ve seen and been through. The best recruiters want to be in this business for the foreseeable future, so they’re all about creating a world for the future that will be easier to work in, so if they spend and extra 10 minutes on the phone with you / take time to send you a nice detailed email, on how to be better in a certain area – know that they’re one of the GOOD ones.

I had a candidate tell me today; “damn I wish I had of listened to you 18 months ago and taken that job at Touch Pty Ltd”. –This is becoming less common now a days, because people are trusting me more, the longer I stay in this business 🙂


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