What About Web Developers & Designers With NO website?

… I mean I understand if you’re so busy, that you don’t have the time to build a website.

Mechanics have a car that’s always broken – home builders have houses that are never finished – Real Estate agents mostly don’t own property… AND for a couple years now I am finding that Web Developers & Designers don’t have their own sites…

What is this saying about you as a professional? As things become more and more competitive out there, where does this place you amongst everyone else out there?

The first thing I’m often asked is, what’s their website address… uh they don’t have one – but they’re GOOD..

I am often too busy to take your phone calls and reply to hundreds of emails, tweets and texts I get everyday – but then I’m missing out on making my business the BEST in Brisbane.. So no I don’t understand if you haven’t the time to build your own site – C’mon guys it only helps you – incredibly 🙂

This blog has only cost me TIME and it’s added SO MUCH USEABLE VALUE to my business – everyone can do it! Make the time. Smile/


One thought on “What About Web Developers & Designers With NO website?

  1. We try to hire people that have personal projects on the go as well – whether it’s running a blog about their field, building a fun app or something else. Not only is it proof of their work, but it shows that they actually spend time improving their skills and keeping up to date outside of work hours!

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