How’s The Market in Brisbane…

I spent this past weekend with a few leaders in the Brisbane recruitment industry, discussing the state of the market amongst other things. One of the things I’ve truly come to realise is this..

The market is the market (it’s NOT coming back), seriously, there are a number of different opportunities out there for bright individuals who can; create yourself to be more appealing. From now on, if you want to do well you have to do this, find where you’re different and capitalise on it – show that off in a good light. Get a book on personal marketing & read it.

Individuals wanting a change, wanting a sale, wanting a new freelance gig / new job – have to understand; you’re not the only one, who thinks they’re the only one. Whats your point of difference? Why should someone hire you / work with you? How will you bring something useful to that other person/s business? What are you saying and why?

Find someone who’s where you want to be and ask them to mentor you – buy them a coffee, if you can use what they’re teaching – make it regular, OR JUST skype / call them..


...Go on say something;

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