Nothing Without GOOD Candidates

You might be swanning around up in your big flashy offices thinking your top stuff because you’ve just had or are having a great month / quarter – but know this – as a recruiter we’re nothing – yep nothing, without GOOD candidates that come our way AND stay in jobs, not just longer than 3 months but long, long enough to get our clients way more value than the fee they paid us to find that candidate!

So to those candidates that are loving and have loved, the jobs we’ve placed you in and stayed there – THANK YOU – you’ve made us look good!
–We’re nothing without you guys and girls, you’re the really good candidates, regardless of skill level.

… It’s like this; you can do all the interviewing in the world – work extremely hard screening, reference checking et ceterarara – everyone can be happy — until a candidate leaves a job you place them in, after only a few months – then it doesn’t matter who you are, you’re worthless as a recruiter if your candidates don’t stay & don’t turn out to be GOOD!

Never get to far ahead of yourself – you’ve always needed people to help you to where you’ve been and you’ll always need them to help you get to where you’re going!


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