No. Now what?

I don’t know what it is with some people, they just can’t say the word. This is applicable to many different things, but of course I’m talking about recruiters.

There’s not a day that goes by when a not so good candidate, who may or may not be a ‘known individual’, calls me up to talk about her skill set, of course I like to be nice, spend time with them and help them out where possible – then break it to them, that in comparison to the others I’ve spoken to, you’re just not as strong. Far more real.

It’s bad on our industry when I hear that other recruiters have told them that they have to “shuffle through the applicants and get back to them, end of / next week” it’s BS guys – the market is supposed to be tough right now, if they can’t help you out today OR show signs of helping you today – they’re telling you NO. Ask them why they’re saying no..?!

See I just wish more people could say NO – I wish more people could cut the BS and be upfront – I also wish that more so called ‘consultants’ would consult – add value, I mean we speak to that many people in our chosen fields all day, we should know a thing or two – don’t just be nice to those that can help you today and stuff the rest that could or could not be able to collaborate with you tomorrow.

By the way check this out.


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