Are You Poaching My Staff?

Everyone knows by now, 2013 has started off with a bang. It’s going to be a large year – we’ve excepted that – if you’re still away on holidays – when you arrive forward in 2013, it’s going to be a hectic one, so relax while you can – in fact – STOP reading this now and come to it later.

…If someone approaches me for a new job, one of your team members, it’s professional of me to keep their enquiry confidential – and I will. (Put the shoe on the other feet for a moment…) you with me now?!
If a competitors team member approaches me and I want to place her in your organization – that’s not poaching. They approached me (which by the way, is how 85% of my business works) – they were going to leave anyway, they may as well go to a GOOD home, if it’s not yours it’ll probably be a competitors. Don’t be shy at considering them to work in your team – we’re all adults and I’m sure your competitors / business co collaborators will get over it.

Oh and by the way – If you’re having conversations with a staff member and it’s all about keeping them – its too late – the ships shipped, they’ve already moved on, so should you. Start creating your business to be better one for the future, for both talent attraction & talent retention, that’s all you can do & all you should be doing.

For the record I never work with team members from companies I have a solid working relationship with – to brush up on this call 0402 456 166

I’m now accepting guest blog & vlog offers – – what can we do to create a little ruckus for you & your projects?


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