I don’t know how this will go…

…But I feel the name of the game in 2013 is ‘Starting New Stuff’ – See I figure if you start-up a lot of things, most will fail but some will work, it’s the law. The ones that work, you would have never had a freaking clue about their success until you’ve had a crack at them – and I believe the momentum created from doing a lot of things, will be the secret ingredient you need to get you to do the things that you start and have success with… So what are my going on about? theWEBrecruiter’s Diary’s here’s my first one…


I promise to be freaking authentic about every video – if I have a bad day I will talk about it, quickly – if I have a great day, I’m going to be telling you all about how and why and what happened and with who…!

Happy New Years!!! (Start-New-Stuff).


One thought on “I don’t know how this will go…

  1. The beginning of a new year is a great time to start new things, and like you say it’s a numbers thing, the more you start the more will stick. It bears mentioning ( I checked that on grammar check because bare and bear always confuses me) that tenaciously innovative people like Mr Branson rate highly in the ‘quick start’ category of the kolbe test and have difficulty following through. Anyone can be successful – you just have to start! 🙂

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