Now it’s getting really exciting…


Lot’s of us do it everyday, in various ways.

…So for me, last week I decided to explore something different, video. I don’t really know what its got to do with web recruitment.. I don’t even really know where I’m going with it all. But, then I got to thinking about all you guys, if you’re reading this blog it’s probably because you’ve seen me do some things a little different and you’ve probably got some exciting projects, dreams or even specific visions of your own that you’d like to accomplish; online or elsewhere.

Now nearly 2 years ago I told a “famous mentor” of mine that I was going into recruitment to completely change the way things were done – haha – (I won’t tell you what his response was), but seriously; what a concept. Who do I think I am.

However the more I stay as a recruiter, the more I notice these big colossal companies break-up and their business models slowly change – ah you’re probably thinking it’s due to the ‘GFC’ or the ‘CFC’ we’re currently in. Well I think that’s a load of HOG wash. The market is perfectly normal, next time someone tells you things are bad, tell them to get used to it. We’re moving from an “industrial age” to a “capitalist era” – want to know more on that? Discover Seth Godin.

So back to this video addiction I am creeping into, my ideas around that are to build up and engage an audience around Brisbane that are interested in all things Digital AND then help these people market themselves to an audience that cares, so it’ll be kind of like a mini stage for; junior internet entrepreneurs launching new projects, managing directors and small business owners around town who wish to gain targeted exposure to super star talent. It’s pretty simple really, it’s not for everyone, it’s only for those super star individuals in digital that I know or are yet to get to know, but you know we’ll be meeting soon 🙂

Wondering what the progress is so far; Jason W. Roulston