Hey Junior, this will help you!

…Spend 1 hour of the day looking for a job and 7 hours of that day building something… an impressive project, an app, a website, an art piece that offers value and will inspire someone to hire you.

University, TAFE & other courses at tertiary institutions are great – however it’s what you do outside of those courses that really sets you apart from the rest.. Almost everyone that attends school will have a project they’ve worked on, to show a potential employer, however the web developers that have spent their late nights and weekends developing something interesting and different, that they’re passionate about – are the ones that will get picked.

www.codecademy.com is a great kick-starter but I’m sure you’re probably more advanced than that – so don’t be the ones spamming online job boards and thinking “there’s no jobs out there” — get building, get creative, genius is within you.