People in WEB only!

What a crazy week it’s been – whoever said things were slowing down?

I launched a little video, out of pure excitement really, after a client meeting I had on Wednesday, view the short clip here. So far the response has been… quite awesome – surprise surprise, thanks for all the positive feedback – I’ll make the next one be better!

I attended a cool Web & Tech event on Wednesday night, it was a lot of fun, find out about that here. Sorry Chris, 300+ people turned out.

Another of my talented friends in Brisbane launched an interesting, interactive mobile app with his brother, which went LIVE on iTunes – you can download that for FREE here.

Lastly, but by no means least, my FIRST EVER placement in recruitment AND now good friend & co collaborator, Matt Kelly launched his FIRST EVER book for those who care – read more about the little book here – buy it on kindle here or in the paperback version here on Amazon & Lulu.


OH and of course we had lots of good chats with plenty of talented web developers and managing directors / (my friends who hire people), around Brisbane town – SO.. we’re very much in business, might even have our first ‘theWEBrecruiter’ Version 2 – running town in a few weeks 🙂

… if you’re living in Brisbane, work in the online industry building stuff, you might like to click me a cheeky like on my new facebook page, here.

Look after yourself till we meet again soon…! 🙂