I’m NOT the Web Development Resources Santa Clause

Last week as many of you’re aware on the 4th of December I started moving forward working under my brand, thewebrecruiter, having spent the passed 3 months sitting at home twiddling Deeing my thumbs, the week felt like it past by in about 4 minutes.

NOT theWEBdevelopmentSanta

One of the most exciting things that happened over the week (apart from receiving a nice email & half a phone call from my ex CEO about my previous blog :), was a new business call that I was lucky enough to take from a Director of a company that I was excited to potentially start a partnership with.

So here goes, the usual pleasantries were exchanged and then we discussed a few of our mutual contacts around Brisbane, proceeding that I asked about some of the projects she and her team where completing at present, she divulged some of the minor details, not too much, as you all know I haven’t the first clue on how to write a line of code.

Skipping forward to the juicy bit of the call that actually inspired me to write this blog and share it with those of my audience that are freelancers, recruiters, and business owners, oh and business developers.. The director asked me what our relationship would be like and why she should pay ex thousands of dollars to me when she could just use seek for a few hundred dollars.. Firstly that’s a great question, (call me to find out why) – so here was my response, (by the way not rehearsed – well sort of) – I said its like this, sure you can use seek at $300 an ad – however the reason you’d use me would be because I would save you time going through the tens and potentially hundreds of responses you’d get, I’d only be sending you one or two of the best people I know.. Good response right? Well sort of, here’s the gold – I said firstly I use seek too, however I wont just come down and meet you next week, shake hands, walk around your office meet all the developers, leave you my business card, come back to my office send you a candidate and then ask for $2,578+GST – NO, I will come and meet you sure, we’ll get to know each other – but then it might not be for 2 – 3 or 4 months before I find you someone that blows you away.. of course it would depend on your requirements at the time.

AND that’s exactly what my business is all about timing, why would you use me instead of seek, well firstly as you know I use seek too, but more importantly – while you’re doing whatever it is you’re doing all day, I am doing whatever it is I do all day and that’s meeting and greeting new people in web all over town, plus maintaining existing relationships with my current networks.

PLUS relationships, relationships are what it’s all about – if we like each other and you’re a business owner or in need of a human resource via me and I happen to meet that someone, who happens to be awesome at whatever it is that you need them to do whilst I am filling up my pink pulsar with fuel, (true story for another day), depending on the timing and the relationship we have, you could score yourself an awesome candidate that will add loads of value to your organisation. It’s really that simple you see. THE END, for now until we speak and then it’s only the beginning 🙂

Last night I set up a Facebook page for all my candidates and fans lol – my plan is during 2013, that my new team and I are going to have a load of fun using it to entertain, engage, teach and provide thought leadership on web recruitment for you, I promise not SPAM it with boring job ads – if people want a job in web, they know they can call me 18 hours – 7 days a week 🙂 Check out the Facebook page by searching for Thewebrecruiter. PS. NO RECRUITERS ALLOWED.

Thanks for reading, your friend in WEBrecruitment, Jason W. Roulston.