Nearly New Beginnings

It’s 1.23am Monday morning and there’s 2 more days left..

Nearly 3 months ago I was propositioned by a group of businessmen to join a heavily cash backed entity, in order to create something special and slightly different within the web and online talent attraction space. After some very careful consideration I made the decision to resign from Boston Kennedy, this wasn’t an easy decision to make because I was leaving behind a desk & a team that was becoming very successful in Brisbane and right across Australia, whats more it was the first time in my short commercial career that something was really taking off for me AND I felt that I was really starting to contribute to people in a positive way!

The consequences of this resignation have been 3 paid months at home, I know what you’re probably thinking that can’t be so bad – who wouldn’t want 3 months off at home? (by the way BK still haven’t finished paying me, they owe me nearly 2 months holiday pay :), anyway the last 3 months have been a very interesting journey, although I haven’t used the time to travel the world – I have used the time to survey things from a distance, most of which I will I discuss more over the coming weeks, some interesting, some humorous, some plain astounding!

For now I want to write about some of my thoughts for my new business that will kick off in January 2013. I am going to be doing a lot of the good things I was doing over the past 2 years, however I have been looking at adding some exciting new initiatives – some will work some wont, who cares, it’s about always trying news things.. isn’t it?

1. Creating some disruptive online web apps with some of the best and most innovative web developers in Brisbane, focused around talent search. 2. I will be looking at giving a select few Managing Directors of the coolest SME web companies exposure to my candidate audience, stay tuned for the positioning on this. 3. Event sponsorship, over the past 3 months I have noticed some really cool start-up, creative, web & online business networking events around Brisbane that have agreed to a partnership in promotion via my business. 4. “Graduate Attraction” will be kicking off in February 2013, this will be really awesome, that’s something never been done before – all the marketing and promotional content is all sorted and ready to go. *Anyone wanting to discuss addition banner space on high traffic graduate & student blogs and websites can email me.

These are only 3 or 4 of the many new initiatives to my business, I don’t want to preview too much at this stage, but the main objective is blow open the status quo of recruitment, crazy concept but its only a matter of time.

I will also be looking at mentoring one or maybe two (genuine people person) juniors to learn this wonderful business of web recruitment, anyone interested in what it takes & what you get, don’t email OR text me…. pick up the phone and call me…. don’t leave a message if I’m not there, just call back.

Your Friend in Web, (still on gardening leave), Jason W. Roulston

*To those looking for consulting assistance with new resources in their teams and businesses – I am legally not available for service until, 12.00am 4th of December, 2012, I’ll be up so feel free to call then 🙂 Thanks for all the emails and calls, I am doing well and will be right with you all soon 🙂


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