Twitter and you guys..

My bosses wont like me writing this blog, as it exposes some of how I do what I do.. but my ultimate aim is to help others get what they want so here goes..

Web developers I’m talking to you here; ok twitter’s not for everyone, agree.. but how many of you have actually checked it out? How many of you have “made” time to sit down and persist a little with it, to learn how it can help you keep connected and up-to-date with whats going on around town.. LINKEDin is great, but it lacks interaction at a high level – on twitter you have almost everyone who’s anyone by and large, with real open accounts interacting with ordinary folk just like you and me.

Think about that… The possibilities are huge. It can help you find and connect with that partner for your next dev project, it can help you keep someone honest, it can help you be the first in the know with breaking tech news AND above all it can build your networks to be more meaningful for you 🙂

Check out Chris Brogan – the guy is a legend and very approachable! He is full of valuable information on how to get going and be effective in the twitterverse you can create for yourself – relax it’s not that hard don’t be so lazy get into it – it’s a hidden platform with SO MUCH to explore 🙂 you just might like it..

Your Friend in Web, Jason W. Roulston << J.W.R (Just a Web Recruiter)

*PS. Who’s ever heard of a company only tweeting a few times a week.. tell me why???


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