Yeah I’ve been getting bigger…

Upfront – I don’t have anything against larger people at all – in fact I have a number of good friends that are “bigger boned” 🙂 YES I’ll admit it, I’ve been packing on the weight as of late. THE funniest thing is when, I’ve been meeting people around town that I haven’t seen in 6 or 7 months and somewhere within 2-3 minutes of saying hello there’s the yeah, you’re looking…. bigger. Ha Ha. So here it is, I’ve stumbled across this blog from my favourite blogger, plus invested in a new set of trainers – not forgetting the white lycra, all ready to get back into some new fitness habits..

Crash diets don’t work.

They don’t work for losing weight, they don’t work for making sales quota and they don’t work for getting and keeping a job.

The reason they don’t work has nothing to do with what’s on the list of things to be done (or consumed). No, the reason they don’t work is that they don’t change habits, and habits are where our lives and careers and bodies are made.

If you want to get in shape, don’t sign up for fancy diet this or Crossthat the other thing. No, the way to get in shape is to go to the gym every single day, change your clothes and take a shower. If you can do that every single day for a month, pretty soon you’ll start doing something while you’re there…

If you want to make sales quota, get in the habit of making more sales calls, learning more about your market and generally showing up. If you show up, with right intent, you’ll start making sales. The secret isn’t a great new pitch or a new pair of shoes. The secret is showing up.

Your audacious life goals are fabulous. We’re proud of you for having them. But it’s possible that those goals are designed to distract you from the thing that’s really frightening you–the shift in daily habits that would mean a re-invention of how you see yourself.

Organizations can always benefit from better habits. Every day. Do that first. By, Seth Godin.

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