How’s the Web Development market in Brisbane?

Anything market related, is probably one of the most popular topics of conversation in any industry, but right now its about web development and it’s about Brisbane.

First and foremost, remember that whoever you ask – how’s the market – they’ll predominantly tell you ‘how it is‘ from their perspective, obviously. As a wise man once said, when someone tells you something, “consider the source”. I have been around “People Consulting” environments for only a short time, but what I’ve noticed is that the people who say the market’s poor – are more often than not a poor consultant.

THEwebdevelopment market in Brisbane right now is doing quite well. No it’s not easy wins for new jobs – but as in any space, the more time you spend searching for something, the more you find of that something.

As always there are a good few PHP jobs around – employers are looking for developers who know how to ‘do it right’. Design jobs, they are everywhere – as per usual, probably more of them working for themselves as freelancers. Dotnet / C# opportunities are regarded as the hardest to find good talent for – but again this is not the area that I specifically spend most of my time in – however with a few calls here and there you can generally find a good dotnet / Csharper. There is a corporate company and one particular agency looking for both permanent & contract, Drupal Developers – especially with this large corporate company wanting to persist with finding good Drupal talent, I believe we’ll start to see more Drupal Developers about town. All in all, things are healthy – I have a number of friends launching start-ups around town over the coming months and the SME’s to Large Corporates, have all presented steady resource growth reports to me for the following 12 months. Web Development in Brisbane is looking up. Get involved 🙂

Your friend in Web, Jason W. Roulston << CAUTION; not all about web development tweets – my real thoughts on real things!


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