Is This You?

Last week as I was sitting down for dinner, I received an email from a current friend and previous placement, telling me that he’d just read over some email correspondence from when he first got in touch with me to get a new job, which made him feel a little weird..

So what you’re probably thinking.. I’m just trying to big myself up about holding good relationships with previous placements.. not entirely, well maybe.. 🙂

THE point here is, this particular candidate of mine left high school to work for a web development company that was good enough to give him a start, on minimum wage – however over the four years he was at this company, his wage stayed almost the same, whilst his output for the company grew massively.

Reading back through his emails, brought back memories of fear and anxiousness, as he really didn’t want to apply for a new job because he was “comfortable” where he was, but knew to get out a move forward would be for the best. Fast forward 12 months.. AND he is a very happy young man, loves coming to work everyday and thoroughly enjoys the team he gets to work with.

Perhaps there is someone out there now reading this, that’s in the same situation my candidate was a year ago.. If you feel you are, I urge you to reconcile with some friends that will tell you what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear. If staying just a little longer in your current job is the right thing in order to add a strong time duration on your resume, then do so – also remember I am here to chat.. send me a txt, email or even quick phone call – after hours is cool too 🙂

Your friend in Web, Jason W. Roulston << are you on twitter? If you’re in web development, then you should be…


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