Your Boss’s Lie

Over the last couple of months many of you will know that I’ve been getting into a lot of Seth Godin’s material. For those of you who haven’t discovered him yet, he has a website that’s easy on the eye.

How does this post have relevance to the web & tech space? I feel it’s relevant to remember this blog, when hiring new developers and tech talent into your team.

THE Boss’s Lie;

“What I want is someone who will do exactly what I tell them to.” “What I want is someone who works cheap.” What I want is someone who shows up on time and doesn’t give me a hard time”.

So, if this is what the boss really wants, how come the stars in the company don’t follow these three rules? How come the people who get promoted and get privileges and expense accounts and are then wooed away to join other companies and get written up in the paper and have servants and coffee boys… How come those guys aren’t the ones who do this stuff?

What the boss really wants is an artist, someone who changes everything, someone who makes dreams come true. What the boss really wants is someone who can see the reality of today and describe a better tomorrow. What the boss really wants is a linchpin.

If he can’t have that, he’ll settle for a cheap drone. By, Seth Godin. (Seth’s material isn’t for everyone, however if you’d like to hear about something that’s a little out of the square, subscribe to his world-famous blog posts, you’ll find them short sharp and very insightful 🙂

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