Wait and see & maybe lose..

I have always been rather baffled by this, let’s call it a ‘job application’ phenomenon. Now I’m sure those of you reading this, don’t commit this crime and I’m sure it’s probably something you’ve never really thought about..

Here it is; see a job online, draft up a nice resume, submit it.. Great jobs done..? That’s it, sit back and wait for your phone to ring. Now, that may have worked a year or two ago, but things are changing again..

THE point I want to make here is this; if you apply for a position (or 55) and you genuinely feel that you’re the right person for the job/s – make an effort to grab the attention of the recruiter, employer, HR guy, et cetera. Immediately you’ll increase your chance of success – how? Because most of the time in Web Development it’s the first “most qualified” person who persists with connecting in, who gets the job 🙂

Make sense..

Your Friend in Web, Jason W. Roulston << tweet with me it’s fun 🙂


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