How to get your job enquiry calls returned..

With a day that goes by before you can blink, at times you’d think all your calls, emails & txts were going into the oblivious. Now I know I am probably the most guilty when it comes to fast response to new enquiry.. When I first started in recruitment I made a personal rule to respond to every enquiry within 30mins! Today I receive anywhere from 60 – 80 new job applications, emails, txts & phone calls.. if you haven’t heard back yet – it’s not because I don’t love you.

THE point in this blog is for you to know that no matter the calls, txts & emails you may be sending through to that particular, recruiter, potential job employer or new client.. don’t get discouraged GET CREATIVE.. Now I don’t mean this in a sneaky way.

Try emailing at a different time, with some short & sharp attention grabbing content – try calling outside of hours, EVEN try a cheeky txt message. Keep them work appropriate of course.. 😛 What I’ve noticed as a trend of late – people don’t leave voicemail messages. Think about it, the recipient probably has a million things to do in that day – she doesn’t have time to dial 321 and listen to optus robot lady, slowly direct her through to your message.. better advice – call, no answer – cool, send a quick txt saying > Please call Usain Bolt on 0402 456 166 (insert your name & number). See how that works for you..? Let me know how you go. Txt messages are quick and easy to read. Leaving a voice mail as a first enquiry is to slow, to long and to boring.

THE quintessential is, if you’re looking for a new job you’ll probably have more time on your hands than that of the someone on the other side of the fence from your situation – use your time wisely – because if you’re worth your salt, you’ll be back “busier’ than ever before. BUT remember as soon as you give up, is as soon as you’ve lost out. The web and tech space right around the world and in Brisbane especially – is very busy!

Your Friend in Web, Jason W. Roulston << click and tweet, it’s fun.


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