What do web companies want?

Yes there are other exceptions to what other web companies may want in a new employee, however here are my personal thoughts based on the 3 main things, many web companies whom I have the pleasure of engaging with on a weekly basis.

If you’re desperate for a new job – they’ll sniff this out a mile away and it will put you on the back foot for a successful position immediately – do your best to change this need, to curiosity about a position or something else.

THE main 3 things companies want; Duration, Good Value, Genuine Interest. Each company looks at these three key requirements when interviewing you, above all else; 1.) Are you going to stick around, if so why and whats your previous durations like? 2.) Are they going to be getting you on a fair salary. 3.) Are you to much of an all-rounder and will you get bored in this job. ie. Does their current role have any areas in which you can grow into – thus giving them more time with you.

DON’T FAKE any of these either – if you do you’ll cause more trouble for everyone weeks / months down the track. Just be a aware of these three things when meeting with companies and discussing full-time permanent positions and you’ll be much better off.

PS. the best mind-set to take into an interview is this; “is this job for me and what does it really involve day-to-day”. That will immediately calm your nerves.

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